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LEMLEM Pre-Fall 2014 Collection.

Modelled by Ajak Deng, the latest from Lemlem (a surprisingly affordable label, considering) can be describes as laidback cool with subtle hints of masculinity that mixes breezy striped tunics, tie-dyed fabrics and loose chinoes with classic unisex footwear.

Founded in 2007 by model, spokeswoman and entrepreneur Liya Kebede, Lemlem (which means ‘bloom’ or ‘flourish’ in Amharic) was born out of a need to inspire economic independence in Ethiopia and to preserve the art of weaving. Noticing that traditional weavers in her home country were losing their jobs due to a decline in demand for their art, Kebede established the label as a way of addressing this void and preserving an important part of Ethiopian history.

All items are handmade in Ethiopia from natural cotton.

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Kawashima Kotori 川島小鳥 - Mirai-chan 未来ちゃん


ART: Double Exposure Oil Paintings by Horyon Lee

Korean artist Horyon Lee’s pieces are classified as paintings, although they look much closer to photography.

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The Basketball Diaries (1995)
Dir. Scott Kalvert


Cheyenne Sophia


Cheyenne Sophia


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French PlayStation Ads, 2001